​I look for ghosts, fingerprints, energy, and evidence of the human narrative in the subject matter. There is a connection between the imagery and the viewer’s projection. Evoking that emotional firing is what captivates me.

I am quite nearsighted, so my focus has always been an arm's length away and the distance is a mystery. I'm bound to the representational, via the fractured blur of a broken view. 


Joey Heuisler Ward (born: Los Angeles) is a representational artist who currently works and resides in Southern California.

JHW studied with artist, Athena Hall, from age seven through high school, and had her first gallery showing at age seventeen.

Initially, Joey majored in art at university and had a career in advertising as an art director. She returned to university and earned degrees in psychology and social work, transitioning her career to medical and mental health settings. While in graduate school, JHW taught children's art classes and she has continued to pursue her own development as an artist by attending workshops and seeking mentoring. Joey completed her thesis research in the field of Creativity and followed her quest to understand the artist's brain. She considers herself a beginner and has an endless need to learn.


JHW had a psychotherapy practice and studied with a local psychoanalytic institute for further training, which lead to seeking a theory of mind. After an unexpected position opened in a neuroscience unit, Joey left private practice for an opportunity to work with patients who have neurological injuries and she continues to do so. She also continues to search for understanding of the artist's mind and how this impacts creativity.

Joey works primarily in studio in pastel, charcoal, gouache, and watercolor.

JHW lives in Southern California -- a quick bike ride from the ocean -- with her family; she is the mother of one daughter, and the daughter of two mothers.


American Watercolor Society

American Impressionist Society

American Women Artists

Baltimore Watercolor Society

California Art Club

International Assoc. of Pastel Societies

National Watercolor Society

Pastel Society of America

Pastel Society of Southern California

Pastel Society of the West Coast

Portrait Society of America

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